September 19, 2017

tuesday in corona del mar

Just sharing some fun from last Tuesday

My first stop was Roger’s Gardens
and at the top of the list was
to pick up some white pumpkins.

They have a huge selection 
of beautiful pumpkins
in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Herbs and Pumpkins...
two of my favorite things!

And while I was there,
 I got another peek at their

If you’ve never been to Roger’s
during this time of the year,
you definitely need to check it out!

Half their store is converted into
an amazing Halloween fun house.

This year’s theme is Magic & Mayhem…

I’ll share more on that in a few weeks!

Next was a stop for breakfast
and cappuccinos with my friend Nancy
 at Le Pain Quotidien, a super yummy
 and healthy Belgian café.

Nancy and I couldn’t wait to head over to
Anthropolgie to check out their update
showroom and expanded store… it’s huge!

If you’ve ever visited an Anthroplogie store,
you know how amazing their displays are.

And I had no idea that they carried
a full line of wallpaper, did you?

They have books and books of
gorgeous wallpapers and grasscloths.

The one pictured above in this bedroom
vignette is one of my favorites.

Fun and funky décor, for sure.

While I was there, 
I did pick up a few pairs of earrings for myself, 
one with little tassels (see below) 
and a ciao tee-shirt... fabulous!  

I still can't get enough of their styling and merchandising...

so cute!

ciao! fabiana

Just for fun...

photo credit: Anthropologie

photo credit: Anthropologie

September 18, 2017

a tiger sofa and more...

Do you remember Lee Radziwill’s iconic sofa that was upholstered in the most divine Scalamandré tiger-striped velvet? It’s legendary!

It was eventually handed down to her daughter-in-law Carole Radziwill and has been prominently featured on the Real Housewives of New York as the centerpiece of Carole’s SoHo apartment.

Well, this year, the shabby and well-worn 50+ year old sofa got a complete makeover and now lives on as a gorgeous blue sofa.

But the legend of the tiger sofa
lives on in Atlanta…

Enter Taylea Fowler,
whose obvious good taste quickly
caught my attention.

This striking blonde and her husband Robin
recently purchased this historic 1930's home 
in the Buckhead district of Atlanta, and
the starting point of the design
concept for their new home was a
Scalamandré tiger sofa, just like
the one that Lee made so famous!

And look at the rest of the décor!


This looks like my fantasy dream home!

More velvet anyone?

This little pink situation room
is the ladies’ lounge.

Her closet, amazing! 

And the stunning décor continues
outside in the pool pavilion.

Surrounded by nature’s pretty green,
how can anyone say no to sitting out here?

And sneak peek...

here’s the Fowler’s wedding photo
from their 2016 Mexican beach ceremony. 

Have a dreamy day…

ciao! fabiana

photo credit: Veranda
Interior Design by Melanie Turner 

September 17, 2017

fall table for the weekend

I’ve started pulling out a few of 
my favorite cozy accessories
 to add here and there
around the house.

One of my favorites is this soft plaid throw.

It instantly puts me in a fall mood, and 
I love how it looks with these gorgeous pumpkins

I started with setting the
plaid throw on a diagonal,
that way the fringed edge is softly
draping over each side of the table.

The large orange and gray pumpkins
were placed in the center of the table.

They’re a beautiful, soft color
that’s almost chalky in appearance.
I found these and all the smaller
pumpkins at Roger’s Gardens.

Then, I arranged the smaller
yellow-striped and white pumpkins
around the large ones.

The gaps were softened with freshly cut
olive branches from the garden,
 a few elegant pheasant feathers
and some rustic little twigs.

This whole setting looks great with the
that I put together on Friday.

That now sits on the cabinets in front
of the window, and I’m really pleased
with how they look together!

Have you started decorating for Fall
at your home yet?

I want to hear all about it...

ciao! fabiana

September 16, 2017

white pumpkins for the table

Here's a really easy seasonal fall display that's so easy to put together, and you only need four items to create a similar look. 

I started out with a flower box from Oriental Trading and filled it with mini white pumpkins and Dusty Miller from Roger’s Gardens.

I kept the Dusty Miller in the six packs they came in and just cut them into individual little pots to stick in-between the pumpkins. This way they can still be watered.

Finish off with some green moss from Oriental Trading!

Nowadays, the selections of pumpkins are so fun!

By the way, this wooden box had a natural finish, but I wanted to age it a bit.  Have you ever heard of the steel wool and vinegar trick?

All you do is soak some steel wool in a jar with a solution of half white vinegar and half water.

Let it sit over night with the top off so it comes in contact with air, and the next day seal it up and shake it.

Rub the soaked steel wool on your wood and voila, you have a natural gray stain... It really works! I'd advise testing it out on a small area first.     

It’s as easy as that…

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

ciao! fabiana

September 15, 2017

the paris market in savannah

The Paris Market & Brocante…

the name alone provides me
with plenty of intrigue.

And, they’re one of my favorite
profiles on instagram,
their feed is filled with pretty gifts, decor and
lot of shots of yummy coffee served alfresco...

so when I got the chance to visit
Savannah this summer,
the Paris Market was at the top of my list!!

And it all starts out here
with their pretty curb appeal!

Their café is filled with yummy treats 
and the aroma of rich coffee.

Inside, the Paris Market is equally as charming,

and the indoor seating is perfect for a rainy day.

I stocked up on candles and soap while I was there,
and even found a really cute pair of earrings,
since I forgot to pack any for the trip!

So, I had no idea there was more to see downstairs…

The vibe downstairs was totally different.
Beautiful vignettes are set up in
he whole basement level.

It kind of reminded me of Anthropologie, but better!

The crusty old walls, exposed beams and brisk
floor are real remnants of the past

and the beauty of the old architecture
shines through the displays and décor.

The concept of the store is
an ever changing museum installation
with items you can take home! 

There's a stunning display around every corner...

What could be better than that?

Aren’t these cocktail glasses sweet?

Next year,
the Paris Market will once again
be at the top of my list for 
places to visit in 

And I know my husband will come with me again.
He was also really impressed with it!

Ahh, I can’t get enough of the pretty curb appeal of this place!

If you're planning a visit,
the address for 
the Paris Market is

36 West Broughton Street
at the corner of Whitaker Street.

ciao! fabiana

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